Live Webinar | 02/15/2023| 6 PM EST

Assurely Unlocks Investor and Issuer Protections of Assets with their Cutting-Edge TigerMark Program

Register for STA's upcoming webinar showcasing Assurely and how they adapt insurance to address the concerns and challenges hindering safe growth and widespread adoption of the security token industry.

Join Security Token Advisors as we sit down with David Carpentier, CEO of Assurely, and discuss how their insurtech company is helping both issuers and investors protect their assets.

What is the Webinar About?

  • Introduction to Assurely’s CEO David Carpentier

  • The "Why" Behind Assurely

  • The benefits Assurely provides issuers and investors

  • Assurely’s TigerMark and D&O Program

  • Real world examples of how Assurely has protected companies and investors and much more!

About David Carpentier

David Carpentier is the co-founder and CEO of Assurely, a venture-backed, high-growth InsurTech that builds and delivers insurance for changing industries and innovative companies. He is considered one of the top forward-thinking, innovative, and strategic professionals in the insurance industry. From early on in his career to today, David is known for taking on and solving emerging insurance problems that no one else can solve.Prior to Assurely, David built a successful career within the retail insurance brokerage industry as well as helped build a healthtech startup. Originally from Minnesota, he currently resides in Austin, TX after his tenure in New York City.

About Assurely

About Security Token Advisors

Security Token Advisors (STA) is the original consulting company in the industry, advising the first security token offerings (STOs) as early as 2017. The security token offering (STO) process is still new, with many moving pieces and incomplete solutions. Security Token Advisors (STA) acts as your trusted guide through structuring the investment, regulatory requirements, tokenization strategy, vendor selection, STO project management, marketing approach, distribution strategy, and liquidity solutions.Clients choose STA for deep industry experience, STO process optimization, and targeted introductions to the most relevant vendors at each stage of the process.

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